Selected work included in House of Snow: An Anthology of Greatest Writing About Nepal (Summer 2016)
Hair” in La.Lit (Spring 2016)
Bardo” in The Margins (October 2015)
While We Slept” in The Margins (August 2015) / Selected as Wigleaf‘s “Top 50 (very) short fiction of 2016
“The List” under “Homage to Nepal” on VelaMag (May 2015)
Ani Lama” in La.Lit (Spring 2015)
Lion City” in Himal Southasian (January 2015)
Tear Open Here” in The Kathmandu Post (March 2014)
Peptalk” in La.Lit (Fall 2013) – Buy it on Amazon.
A Letter Home” in The Kathmandu Post (March 2011)

non- fiction/

Not Your Mother’s Pickles,” Roads & Kingdoms (Oct 2018)
Women Interventions: Women Translators on Women Writers They Dream of Translating,” The Margins (August 2018)
“The Taste of Decay,” La.Lit, Vol. 9, (Mar 2018)
Rebel With A Cause: Lessons on Living Fearlessly,” interview with Sulochana Manandhar Dhital, The Record (June 2017)
Aama, 1978” in No Tokens (Spring/Summer 2016); Nominated for 2016-2017 Pushcart Prize; Available also in the anthology Go Home! by The Feminist Press, March 2018
Forgotten Field Notes” in PIX Quarterly (Spring 2016)


Lightroom Conversation: Monthly interviews of interesting figures in the Nepali literary scene, Nepali Times, Kathmandu


Night, book of poems by Sulochana Manandhar Dhital, forthcoming from Tilted Axis Press, UK,  2018
To Those Who Don’t Know Where Their Fathers Are” by Mallika Shakya, in La.Lit, Vol 8 (July 2017)
Night, five poems by Sulochana Manandhar, in Words Without Borders (September 2014)

collaborations & editing/ 

The Journey by Ubahang Nembang (February, 2016)
Sanu and the Big Storm by Bandana Tulachan (February, 2016)
GalliSalli, mapping spaces with personal stories in Nepali Times (October 2014)